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Psychics Exposed to Violent Crime

Private moments of extreme grief, horror, and rage are common emotional responses that psychics experience who work in the investigative fields of criminology. Many psychics consider their understanding of the life and death process as a means to cope with horrific details of torture and death. The older seasoned psychic who has a long history of working with law enforcement may appear to be less vulnerable to the emotional and sensory aspects of crime than their younger counterparts, yet they are not immune.

Eventually the coping mechanism that the psychic has created to shrug off the vivid scenes of horror, bizarreness and magnitude of death experiences ware down, leaving an indelible impression upon the psyche. Emphasis and importance is placed upon the insights and accuracy of the psychic rather than then the psychic as an emotional human being. Public opinion subscribe to the idea that psychic people are not affected by emotional trauma.

Psychic people who are exposed to violent crime are at risk of suffering from mental health problems in the days, months, and even years following their assignments. Unfortunately, widespread effects will continue to be unreported for the following reason. The science community has yet to measure the e.s.p. function. Until it is successfully measured, we have no proof of its existence. Without scientific support, the psychological, social, and health effects of psychics working in criminal investigation will not be assessed nor even addressed.

If you are a psychic professional working in the field of criminal investigation for law enforcement for federal or the private sector, it is important to recognize when to get out of that never ending procession line of, “we need your help”. Know when it is time to help you. Some of the symptoms you may experience include (1) recurrent flashbacks of previous psychic assignments; (2) anxiety, panic; (3) anger and rage; (4) insomnia; (5) callused, and closed down behavior.

Restructuring the foundation of your work may not be an easy task but it can be done. There are processes that you may wish to explore to release the imprints of your experiences. Alternative medicine may help for immediate relief of symptoms but it is more likely that you need to develop new ways to respond to your situation and create options for the changes you want to make in your life.

Knowledge and awareness are the signs that can lead you to the right resources. You need not follow the path of your predecessors and live your life in service of your ability. You have the choice to live your life with your ability in service for you. Use it to heal yourself, create the ideal lifestyle, or create abundance.

The strength of your psychic function will influence all your choices. Knowing who you really are and what your life is really about will enhance your choices. Fulfillment, success, and joy are yours to accomplish in this life. Do it for yourself, you wont be sorry!

How Can Computer and Internet Help in Law Enforcement?

The new century has started with a milestone in the development and technology. With the increased popularity of internet functions, cyber crime and theft have emerged as a new propaganda. Apart from online crimes, the computer technology has enabled criminals to break the law and order force with the help of sophisticated instruments. Thus, there had to be the inclusion of computer and technology in the law and order force. Now, developed countries like UK, USA, Germany, France, China, etc. use the scientific instruments such as CCTV cameras to detect the criminal forces. This has become possible only with the introduction of computers. Computers surround all the spheres of a human’s life.

Virtual reality has been a mile stone in the law enforcement. Virtual reality is like a 4D film in which you feel almost as near to the original scene that has happened. This helps during the case solving in a court where the witness tells the scene of the crime in as much detail as he saw it and it is being projected on the screen to match the original scenario that has happened.

Other important achievement that has been made is ‘on site’. This term explains that the police officers and investigators have different tablet PCs or note books in their squad cars which could detect the people, etc. they have databases and other software through which they could carry the interviews and thoughts of people about the crime and send immediate reports to the head office or any law and enforcement controlling official when the scene of the crime is still fresh. Mobile electronics have also proves to be very use full because they can catalog, transfer or copy the evidence at the crime scene and can be managed and processed immediately after it reaches the head department of police station. Other technology like crime scene detectors are able to copy or identify the finger prints at the moment thus enabling the other officers to move fast in the matter and help the police gain full access to the criminals.

Improved telecommunication have allowed reliable and fast mode of communication between different departments of law and order. There can be sending and receiving of the encrypted messages so that no body except then the actual receiver can read the message. Digital radio frequencies are being used by the police department so that there can be easy communication even during the peak hours or when the signals are jammed because of the crime.

LPRT and DNA technologies have also contributed a great deal to the crime detection. LPRT stands for license plate reader technology. This technology uses OCR (optical character recognition) which captures the images. This gives the opportunity to the police officers to track the cars or other vehicles that were present at the crime scene. The DNA technology combines DNA and computer technology to combat violent crime. The DNA that is collected at the crime scene is tested against the output of DNA given by the computers. This helps in the tracking of the actual criminals.

All these factors have contributed to the betterment and enhance of the law and detection of criminal activities to discourage the criminals from these activities and warn them in the future so that the country can remain stable entirely.

Criminal Case Law Counts Are Significantly Down in 2010 and 2011 – But Why?

Generally speaking as the economy turns south, crime goes way up. Well, usually that is true of course, but right now the criminal courts are not packed with criminals and their criminal lawyers trying to get them off the hook. Oh, sure there are some cases, there will always be crime, after all we don’t live in the future with all the special crime fighting units we say in Minority Report, but remarkably crime has gone down, not up with the recession. Why you ask?

Well, that’s just it, no one knows, or maybe someone does, but they are not saying. Let’s discuss all this shall we? There was an interesting article recently in the New York Times titled; “Steady Decline in Major Crime Baffles Experts” by Richard A. Oppel, Jr. and also contributing to that piece was Joseph Goldstein (published on May 23, 2011). The article stated;

“The number of violent crimes in the United States dropped significantly last year, to what appeared to be the lowest rate in nearly 40 years, a development that was considered puzzling partly because it ran counter to the prevailing expectation that crime would increase during a recession.”

Now, not all areas or all cities experienced reduced crime and criminal cases, but most all did. We asked out think thank why this was, and I started with some theories of my own such as;

1. More Personal Tech Devices with Digital Cameras
2. All the Detective Shows on TV with CSI style investigations
3. Solar Minimum with less agitating solar flares and increased frequency
4. Crimes of Rage committed mostly by Youth who cannot control temper – changing demographics

Okay so, let’s look at all these things, why gives, and why are criminal lawyers getting less work these days, and why have the crimes gone down so drastically? First, if more folks are running around with digital cameras, that means the chances of a criminal getting caught go way up, and so the smarter criminals skip their crimes, and the dumb ones are getting caught, and pulled off the streets.

Second, with all the detective shows on TV there is a bigger perception that if you commit a crime, you’ll get caught, and that perception prevents more violent type crimes. Third, some have speculated that solar flares during solar maximums make people crazy, or that Global Warming is causing more cloud cover and the full-moon is less visible, thus, less full-moon crimes. Personally, I think that’s a crazy notion and anyone purporting such is full of it.

The changing demographics of an older average population would make sense, and those statistical charts do seem to correspond with lower crime rates, or maybe it’s just a combination of things. But it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you are a criminal lawyer looking for work. Please consider all this and think on it.

Serious Crimes Committed By a Minor

The unfortunate truth is that even minors can commit serious and harmful crimes. Young people are often involved in violent crimes, whether because of gang influence or other social pressures. In fact, a report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics posted that in criminal courts juveniles were almost three times as likely to be charged with violent felonies if brought to court. This trend may be due to the shocking and harmful nature of these crimes.

In some states, there are several types of cases that can result in minors being placed in residential treatment facilities for extended periods of time. The nature of the crime and the intention of the convicted minor has a great deal to do with how the case is adjudicated, but there are certain crimes that will most certainly be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

Many of these crimes are considered serious because of their intention, such as aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, and aggravated child abuse. Others are considered serious crimes because of the devastating results like arson, kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder. In fact, some states will allow a minor to be tried as an adult if the nature, severity, and the maturity of the convicted party are deemed to be significant.

The results of these trials can have a lasting impact on the life of a minor. Especially if a violent crime committed by a minor is adjudicated as an adult case, the long-term affects can follow the person for their entire lives. Because of the long-lasting and detrimental results of such a conviction, it is crucial that the court acts responsibly in these types of cases.

A thorough and competent defense is crucial in any violent crime case, and a conviction of a minor is no exception. For more information on serious crimes committed by a minor, please visit the website of West Palm Beach juvenile defense lawyers at Klein & Associates.